Enrich Learning Trust


Trust Board and Committees

The corporate management and trustee responsibility for the Trust is vested in the Trustees, who are also the company Directors registered with Companies House.

The Trustees are personally responsible for the actions of the Trust and the Academies, and are accountable to the Members of the Trust, the Secretary of State for Education and the wider community for the quality of the education received by all students of the Academies.

The Trustees are required pursuant to the Funding Agreements to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of the quality, safety and good practice of the affairs of the Trust.

  • Determine the strategic vision and overarching strategic plan of the Trust
  • Provide strategic leadership and governance
  • Provide challenge and support to Executive and senior education leaders
  • Develop and decide strategic and operational policies
  • Facilitate collaboration between the Academies to actively seek opportunities for the Academies to work together either with the aim of improving economic efficiencies within the Trust or identifying and implementing best practice across all Academies
  • Co-ordinate and oversee shared services and resources
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of Academy action plans focusing on Academy improvement
  • Set and monitor performance benchmarks
  • Determine curriculum priorities
  • Set the overall Trust budget and approval of Academy budgets
  • Monitor expenditure in accordance with appropriate authorisation process
  • Develop and implement a risk management strategy
  • Ensure the Trust and the Academies comply with their legal obligations
  • Determine the Trust’s reserves/contingency policy
  • Ensure appropriate insurance or risk cover is put in place
  • Undertake recruitment and performance management of headteachers and other senior leaders
  • Support the development and building of leadership and governance capacity at Academy level
  • Approval of site and asset management strategies
  • Support the Trust in public and act as an ambassador of the Trust and the Academies
  • Adhere to the Nolan Principles in their conduct